The Model United Nations Club at New Canaan High School provides students an opportunity to explore the challenges, the history and the many humanitarian functions of the United Nations. Each year students with a strong interest in international relations and issues act as delegates from the nations of the world as they debate current political issues. The NCHS Club was formed in 2003, and has grown to its current roster of 86 active students. Led by three faculty advisors, and positioned as an “academic sport”, they attend weekly meetings before or after school to prepare for upcoming (usually 3-4 day) conferences. In 2011 those included high school hosted conferences (at Horace Mann and at home vs. New Fairfield) and college hosted conferences at Brown University, Princeton, U. of Pennsylvania, and Cornell. Their activities also include fund-raising activities to defray travel expenses. The Club’s goals include the promotion of a world view and the development of skills in research, critical thinking, persuasion, collaboration and leadership.

In 2011 and 2012, the UN Committee has presented engraved gavels to the designated winners of selected Model UN events here at home in New Canaan.


  • For 7 years under the Taliban, Girls in Afghanistan were not allowed to attend school.
  • Educational opportunity for girls is key to the long term stability of the nation.
  • Between 2004 and 2008, the United Nations Committee of New Canaan worked to complete a     two year fund drive to help fill this need.
  • Objective was reintegration of age 12-16 girls into the regular school system at an appropriate level, for which a two year curriculum was designed.
  • Funding sufficient to provide schooling for 500 girls, of approximately $50,000 per year, paid  for facility rental, classroom equipment and teachers. Books were provided by the Ministry of


  • Our Afghan partner, “Aid Afghanistan,” founded and led by Hassina Sherjan, opened two schools in March 2005 with money donated during our first year’s fund drive.
  • Our UN Committee received truly wonderful help from New Canaan’s community groups, schools, churches, and individuals.