The First Annual Anita F. Houston Lecture

“The US, the UN and the World”

Sunday, Oct. 21 presented by Gillian Sorensen

4 PM, New Canaan Library
151 Main Street New Canaan, CT

The public is invited. A reception will follow the program.

Gillian Sorensen is the Senior Adviser at the United Nations Foundation. She is a former assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and a former United Nations special adviser for public policy.

Anita Houston, 1912 -2007, Chair Emeritus of the UN Committee of New Canaan, Head of the UN Study Group, dedicated supporter of the International Hospitality Committee of Fairfield County, indefatigable champion of the United Nations and its mission, and inspiration to her fellow citizens with an interest in current events and the world outside the United States.

Gillian Martin Sorensen, formerly United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, now Senior Adviser at the United Nations Foundation, is a national advocate on matters related to the United Nations and the US/UN relationship. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former Board member of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The United Nations Foundation was launched in 1998 with a historic $1 billion gift from entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner. The Foundation is a public charity that implements public-private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and also works to broaden support for the UN through advocacy, education and public outreach.

The United Nations Committee of New Canaan began in 1952 in response to President Eisenhower’s appeal to local communities to honor the US-UN relationship on the day in October when the UN was formed. The Committee has recognized this date annually, and engaged throughout the year in various activities which highlight international issues, and encourage international understanding. A recent example is the Committee’s Aid Afghanistan School Project, which has been dedicated to funding a two-year “catch-up” school curriculum for Afghan girls denied access to education during the Taliban rule. It included a photo exhibit at the Carriage Barn with Voices of September 11 and the New Canaan Society for the Arts. 

The UN Study Group, was founded and headed by Jean Walser, succeeded years ago by Anita Houston, to gather interested New Canaan women wfor the purpsoe of examining regions and countries of the world and associated foreign policy and humanitarian issues which affected the US and the UN.